Tambobong White Beach- Dasol Pangasinan, A Beauty In Hiding..

cropped-121.jpgAfter planning for weeks, we finally went to Dasol Pangasinan! We never thought that the travel time is much more than what we expected. After travelling for eternity, we  finally reached the Tambobong white beach. Be warned, Tambobong is located in a remote area and you’ll pass by a steep zigzag before you get to your destination.

From Manila:

If you are travelling from manila, go to Cubao and take a bus going to Sta, Cruz, Zambales via Alaminos. Drop off point is at the town of Burgos. From there, you can rent a tricycle to bring you to Tambobong White Beach. Travel time is around 5-6 hours.

The beautiful Tambobong White Beach is breathtaking!

We Stayed at the R Paradise Resort. Before you can reach the resort you will pass by Abella’s Resort, Matabang Beach Resort and Tambobong White Beach Resort. The place where we stayed is nice and cheap compared to other resorts but the facilities are somewhat old and it badly needs renovation.

The rooms are spacious but there are few issues. First, the door is not closing properly, 2nd, there are gigantic holes in the roof. When it rained the water started pouring in our ceiling, it was leaking everywhere! We needed to put a basin, a pail and a pitcher to prevent the water from soaking our beds.I’m not sure if it’s the same with other rooms, I guess it was bad luck for us lol :D.

If you are not picky, R Paradise Resort will work for you. Their staff are accommodating and they’ll assist you with cooking your meals and arranging boat rides for island hopping. Life vest and snorkelling gears are also available in the resort.

The other side of the beach
The other side of the beach

The view is really nice and the water is inviting so we headed straight to the beach to take a dip after we ate breakfast. The beach is calm in the morning so it’s the best time for swimming and Island hopping.

The kids had fun soaking in the water and playing in the sand!

The beach is “biglang lalim” so if you’re bringing your kids with you do not let them swim on their own. The seagrass is abundant too so pick a side of the beach that have fewer seagrass.

Surprise, Surprise! you’ll see lots of these even in the shallow part of the beach.

At exactly 1 pm, we decided to go Island hopping. It was was raining the entire week when we went to Tambobong so the weather is a bit gloomy that day. The boat ride cost 800 pesos good for 4 pax, we were eight on the boat so we’ve added an additional 400 pesos.

Colibra Island or Snake Island! Small white island in the middle of nowhere.
Colibra Island or Snake Island! Small white island in the middle of nowhere.

First stop is Colibra Island, make sure to wear a life vest (and bring a rosary) for protection. The waves are quite huge and you’ll feel your boat shaking when you hit a big wave. I got really scared of the waves it feels like the boat would capsize any moment.

Touch down Colibra Island
Touchdown Colibra Island!

Luckily, Manong was able to dock the boat and we arrived safely to Colibra Island. According to the folks in Tambobong, the island used to house thousands of sea snakes decades ago hence the name Snake Island.

My hubby and I!
My hubby and I!

The Island is really pretty! the water is a mix of blue and jade green.The sand in the Island is creamy white and a bit fine. The waves were really strong and huge though so we decided to stay near the shore for safety purposes.

The huge waves!!
If you want peace and quite you can spend a night in the Island and listen to the waves.

Although we want to spend more time in the Island, Manong Bangkero advised us to proceed to our next destination because the weather is not looking good. Heavy rain is approaching and the clouds are getting really heavy so we decided to go to Balas Nagtaros.

Snorkelling site in Balas Nagtaros..
Snorkelling site in Balas Nagtaros..
The lagoon was really deep.. Lot's of fishes and corals!
The lagoon was really deep and there are sea urchins hiding in the rocks so take a lot of caution!

We asked Manong for a snorkelling site so he brought us to the lagoon in Balas Nagtaros. The island is sited at the calmer part of the sea. You’ll pass by the crocodile Island before getting to the snorkelling site. Cabacungan Cave is also in the Island, make sure to never miss it to complete your island hopping experience.

View going to the Cabacungan Cave..
View going to the Cabacungan Cave..
Scary waves! Surfers likes this.. :D
Scary waves! Surfers like this.. 😀
Entrance to the Cabacungan Cave..
Entrance to the Cabacungan Cave..

We were not able to swim inside the pool like pothole inside the cave because of the strong waves but we were brave enough to at least take a peek of what’s inside.

The Inside of the cave.
The pothole. The view is spectacular!

Finally, it’s the end of our Island hopping adventure! It was fun and scary at the same time! Thanks to Manong Bangkero we arrived at the resort in one piece. Overall it was a fun trip! I’ll surely miss Tambobong white beach and its hidden beauty.

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